Darvish Restaurant
  Traditional Persian Tea House & Restaurant

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Take Out  

Dinning In

 1A  Naan & Pani & Sabzi   


fresh green herbs, salty fetta cheese & naan






 1B  Darvish Special Salad


Lettuce, Cucumber, Fresh Tomatoes, Grated Carrots, Grated Red Cabbage Pickles, Olives topped with fresh green herbs, salty fetta cheese & Special Darvish Salad Dressing.  (WOW !!!)

 £3.50 img_2498





 Mirza Ghasemi


grilled aubergines, tomatoes, eggs, spices, garlic & nann

 £3.50 miza ghassemi





 Kashke Bademjan


fried aubergines, walnuts, fried onions, garlic, spices, special sauce & naan

 £3.50 kashke bademjan





 Salad Olvieh


potatoes, pickled cucumbers, peas, carrots, lemon juice, eggs, mayonnaise and bits of chicken breast with naan

 £3.50 salad olvieh-02







mashed chickpeas, garlic, sesame seed paste, olive oil & lemon juice served with naan

 £3.00 houmous





 Dolmeh Barg Mow


cooked grapes leaves, filled with ground lamb, rice, tarragon, split peas & fresh herbs

 £3.00 dolmeh barg mow





 Borani Bademjan


home made thick yoghurt mixed with grilled aubergines, garlic & herbs

 £2.50 borani bademjan





 Borani Sphenaje


home made thick yoghurt mixed with fried spinach & garlic


 £2.00 borani sphenaje





 Salad Fasl


lettuce, cucumber, olives, tomatoes & salad sauce

 £2.00 salad fasl



 10  Salad Shirazi


chopped onions, cucumber, tomatoes & lemon juice


 £2.00 salad shirazi



 11  Maast-Mooseer


home made thich yoghurt mixed with shallots


 £2.50 maast-mooseer




 12   Maast-Khiyar


home made thich yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumber & herbs


 £2.00 maast-khiyar




 13   Torshi Seer


aged pickled garlic


 £2.00 torshi seer



 14   Torshi Makhloot


mixed pickled vegetables




  Torshi Litteh


chopped mixed pickled vegetables











torshi makhloot










 15   Zaitoon-Khiyar Shoor


persian pickled baby cucumber & olives


 £2.00 zaitoon-khiyar shoor





Darvish special soup


Chicken barley, carrots, peas, herbs, tomato & onions.


 £2.50 soup-1




 17   Maast


 £1.00 maast1







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